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Benton Howser: General Partner of Atlas Wealth Management and Enterprises

Benton Howser is a trader, financer, and hedge fund manager. Prior to his current roles he spent time in Washington D.C. with a think tank working an economic mobility and income equality. Where he also worked on monetary policy analysis and started implementing his analysis into trading strategies. He then worked for an arbitrage market making firm that helped fill liquidity holes for many types of investors including retirees and charitable trusts. He is an Army veteran who received his BA in History from Virginia Tech and an MBA in Finance from the University of Illinois. After earning his MBA he worked as an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) in Illinois before.


Brian Domitrovic: Senior Associate, Laffer Center for Supply-Side Economics and Department Chair, History Sam Houston State University

Brian Domitrovic is an economic historian who is the leading authority on the history of supply-side economics. He has written the history of supply-side economics Econoclasts (2009), co-authored with Lawrence Kudlow the history of the 1964 tax cut JFK and the Reagan Revolution (2016), and edited several volumes of the collected works of economist Arthur Laffer. He has briefed public officials including the Federal Reserve chairman, has appeared in numerous media outlets from the Wall Street Journal to National Public Radio, and has taught at several universities including as the visiting scholar of conservative thought and policy at the University of Colorado Boulder. He received the Ph.D. in history from Harvard and lives in The Woodlands, Texas. 



Michael Malloy: General Partner of Kensie Point LLC

Michael Malloy is an entrepreneur and an exchange traded product specialist.  Although Mike is traditionally schooled with a Bachelor of Arts in English from Lemoyne College, he has always had an affinity for gaming and computer programming.  After exposure to the commodity trading pits of Chicago, Mike drew on his experience there to develop strategies that ran on computers and executed on exchanges around the world.  He has acquired an extensive understanding of different exchanges, operations and policies as well as a large and diverse array of relationships with market participants. 


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